Pixelnetica Document Imaging SDK adds a lot of value to mobile applications and services by enabling high-quality document scanning and processing using a camera built into a smartphone or tablet.
The SDK can be used to add document-scanning functionality into ECM, Doc Flow, Expense Reporting, HR, Transportation and Fleet Management (proof of delivery scanning), Healthcare, Insurance, Banking, etc. End-user applications offering note taking, expense tracking, receipt scanning and similar activities will also benefit from implementing document-optimized image scanning.

Pixelnetica Document Imaging SDK provides developers with an intelligent, highly efficient toolkit, which offers an easy way to add image processing features that are optimized for document photos that are taken by a mobile device or document camera to their applications.

SDK is designed to ensure the smooth operation of a paperless workflow by pre-processing paper document images, making them easier to handle by text recognition (or optical character recognition - OCR) programs, and enhancing the visual quality and legibility of documents.

In simple terms, Pixelnetica Document Imaging SDK processes paper document photos in order to make them look like they’ve been scanned with a traditional flatbed scanner.

Most of Document Imaging SDK’s features have been integrated into Pixelnetica SharpScan – mobile document scanner that allows users to scan documents and photos on the go.

Supported Platforms

  • Apple iOS
  • Android
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Apple Mac OS X

Short video demonstrates how Document Imaging SDK works in real application - SharpScan.
«Smart Crop» feature worked out and Black & White profile applied.

… Pixelnetica helps us provide an easy way to capture and upload paper documents such as receipts and agreements to M-Files by leveraging the camera on their mobile device as a scanner. This enables employees who are out of the office to capture, store and process receipts and other paper documents quickly and easily while they're on the go.

Mika Javanainen, Senior Director of Product Management at M-Files

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The SDK is a vital tool that sets FinanceFox apart from other insurance-related apps. It gives our customers the advantage of being able to send their medical bills to the insurance company anytime anywhere, conveniently from their smartphone. … The SDK automatically detects the borders of the scanned document, making it very user-friendly and 100% reliable

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Pixelnetica Document Imaging technology clients

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Difference from traditional imaging SDK’s

Most well-known imaging SDK aimed for ordinary photo manipulations like: image format processing for reading and writing, simple image rotation, brightness and contrast changing, general purpose binarization, etc.
However, this is not enough for paper document photos, especially if they are meant to be OCRed (processed with optical character recognition system to convert image to text).
Simply taking a picture of a document with a camera (especially a mobile device camera) does not result in document quality images. Images display geometric distortion resulting from the angle of the camera in relation to the document and often have unwanted background shadows.
Pixelnetica Document Imaging SDK was created to overcome these inherent shortcomings and to produce high-quality documents just as if they were scanned with a conventional scanner.

Pixelnetica Document Imaging SDK: mobile document photo processing - Before and After

Document photo taken by Apple iPhone 4S original (left) and processed by Pixelnetica Document Imaging SDK (right).

Improve the OCR Quality of Document Images

Paper documents digitized by traditional scanners are usually well lit, almost perfectly oriented, and benefits from scanners of high speed and duplexing support.
Document images taken by mobile cameras usually suffer from the human factor (shooting errors, shaking hands, bad lighting, shadows, glare etc.) so specific image processing has to be applied to get the best achievable OCR results:

  • 2D & 3D geometric distortions should be removed;
  • Images should be much more rotated (comparable to those from a scanner);
  • Digital noise produced by the camera matrix should be properly detected and eliminated;
  • Shadows, glare, and document backgrounds need to be removed;
  • Documents should be carefully binarized (converted to Black & white) to save the maximum details for OCR.

The absence of such specific image preprocessing in turn leads to a huge error level during text recognition, and frequently making it impossible.
Pixelnetica Document Imaging SDK provides all the necessary preprocessing features to achieve the best possible OCR results.

Pixelnetica Document Imaging SDK: color processing profiles

Document Imaging SDK could produce tiny true Black-and-White, Grayscale and Color images optimized for legibility and further OCR.
On image: Same document photo processed with Original (only cropping, no enhancements), Black & White and Color processing profile.

Pixelnetica Document Imaging SDK main Features

  • Optimized for speed & quality for each supported platform, especially crucial for mobile.
  • All operations run in full automatic mode - without the necessity of user interference.
  • Precise document area boundaries detection.
  • Smart Crop” - offers the possibility to estimate the quality of the document area boundary detection and make a decision about cropping (crop as detected or send for user approval and correction).
  • 2D geometric and 3D perspective distortion (e.g. trapezoid) correction.
  • Document image align and rotation.
  • Camera matrix digital noise reduction.
  • Brightness and contrast equalization.
  • Document background cleaning.
  • Adaptive binarization optimizes for future text recognition.
  • Content oriented adaptive Color processing profile automatically generates perfect documents.
  • Special presets for producing grayscale and color documents optimized for legibility.

Usage scenarios

Pixelnetica Document Imaging SDK can be easily integrated into mobile, desktop, or sever applications helping them using mobile device cameras as a reliable way of document and data input and an integral part of the corporate infrastructure.
Mobile document scanning (or mobile document capture) in various industries and usage scenarios like: corporate CRM or ECM systems, insurance, healthcare, banking, transportation, government or any other organizations that have a large number of “field agents” or remote workers.
Typical usage scenarios that benefit from using high quality mobile capture:

  • Receipt scanning for processing in corporate CRM.
  • Taking photos of invoice for processing in ECM (like SAP)
  • Business card scanning for easy contact management and lead generation
  • Remote check deposit.
  • Mobile Document Capture - scanning documents like forms, ID papers, agreements, reports, statements, approvals and etc. with smartphone camera for enterprise content management system.
  • Utility meters (gas, water, electricity, etc.) reading for processing in the tracking system.
Pixelnetica Document Imaging SDK: adaptive color processing

Adaptive Color Processing could adapt to the document photo content and distinguish document with graphics from color photo.
On image: Color profile applied to document with foto (left) and with graphic (right).

How it works in real application

Most of Document Imaging SDK’s features have been integrated into Pixelnetica SharpScan – mobile document scanner that allows users to scan documents and photos on the go.

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