Why Pixelnetica SDK?

  1. Fast and High Quality document scan processing.
  2. Simplicity and Integration ease to reduce development costs and product time-to-market.
  3. Drastically diminish User Errors by providing smooth document scanning experience.
  4. Full On-Device processing.
  5. Convenient Royalty Free licensing model

Main features and Benefits

  • Full automatic mode optimized for speed & quality.
  • Precise document area boundaries detection with “Smart Crop”.
  • “Smart Camera” — touch-free document capture to reduce scanning errors.
  • Optimized for further text recognition (OCR).
  • Output results as PDF, TIFF (G4), PNG or Jpeg.

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Usage scenarios

Pixelnetica Document Scanning SDK can be easily integrated into mobile, desktop, or sever applications helping them using mobile device cameras as a reliable way of document and data input and an integral part of the corporate infrastructure.
Mobile document capture in CRM or ECM systems, insurance, healthcare, banking, transportation, government or …

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… Pixelnetica helps us provide an easy way to capture and upload paper documents such as receipts and agreements to M-Files by leveraging the camera on their mobile device as a scanner. This enables employees who are out of the office to capture, store and process receipts and other paper documents quickly and easily while they're on the go.

Mika Javanainen, Senior Director of Product Management at M-Files

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The SDK is a vital tool that sets FinanceFox apart from other insurance-related apps. It gives our customers the advantage of being able to send their medical bills to the insurance company anytime anywhere, conveniently from their smartphone. … The SDK automatically detects the borders of the scanned document, making it very user-friendly and 100% reliable

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It helps us scan documents that our clients need to otherwise mail to us. This makes it much more convenient for them and us.

Pixelnetica Document Scanning SDK clients

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Trial SDK is similar to commercial except of results watermarking and includes documentation as well as sample application source code.

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