Pixelnetica Document Scanning SDK can be easily integrated into mobile, desktop, or sever applications helping them using mobile device cameras as a reliable way of document and data input and an integral part of the corporate infrastructure.
Mobile document scanning (or mobile document capture) in various industries and organizations that have a large number of “field agents” or remote workers can make business more powerful, effective and improve the customer experience.
Typical usage scenarios that benefit from using mobile capture applications:

Financial service

  • Customer onboarding.
  • Mobile bill payment.
  • Remote deposit capture.
  • New account opening.
  • Signature cards.
  • Supporting documents.
  • Customer loyalty.
  • Expense management.
  • Credit card balance transfer.
  • ACH enrollment.
  • Stored value card.


  • Claims reporting.
  • Loss notification.
  • Incident reporting.
  • Customer onboarding.
  • Insurance card.
  • VIN (vehicle identification number).

Transportation & Logistics

  • Proof of delivery.
  • Bills of lading.
  • Expense management.


  • Patient registration and onboarding.
  • Supporting documents.

How it works in real application

Most of Document Scanning SDK’s features have been integrated into Pixelnetica SharpScan – mobile document scanner that allows users to scan documents and photos on the go.

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Trial SDK is similar to commercial except of results watermarking and includes documentation as well as sample application source code.

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