Below you can find answers for most frequently asked question about SharpScan (Android version).
If you don’t have it yet, you can get it for Free on Google Play Store. Apple iOS version also available on App Store.
In case you will not find an answer for your question, feel free to contact us.

SharpScan are able to correct lots of scanning problems, but following the simple rules below you can be sure that you’ll always get perfectly scanned documents:

  1. Good lighting is a key factor!
    Make sure that document is well lit. Avoid strong shadows and glares (especially glossy original). Use the flash with matt originals.
  2. Switch the Torch (SharpScan camera torch) on in camera especially in low lit environment.
  3. Use Stabilization (SharpScan camera stabilization) in camera during shooting. This will prevent appearing out of focus scans.
  4. Document should be flat - not curved or folded.
  5. Background should be uniform and contrast to original to make sure that document boundaries will be detected properly and Smart Crop (automatic document cropping and correction) will work well.
  6. Make sure that document fully fits camera viewfinder (window).
  7. Hold device parallel (as much as possible) and centered to original document.

Of course Smart Camera will assist you as much as possible but following these rules will guarantee best results.

There two main ways to rename document in SharpScan.

First – the quick one.

  1. Open document you want to rename.
  2. Tap on its name on top toolbar.
  3. On opened dialogue edit existing or enter new name and tap on OK button.


  1. Open document you want to rename by tapping on its thumbnail.
  2. Tap on action menu (SharpScan action menu) on top toolbar.
  3. Tap on document property icon (SharpScan document property).
  4. Edit document name and tap on OK. Document name will be changed.

First of all — feel free to change document color mode as much as you want. Since SharpScan edit all documents in nondestructive mode you can always revert to original image. You can change document color in two ways:


  1. Open page you want to reprocess.
  2. Tap on action menu (SharpScan action menu) and select Change color profile option (SharpScan action menu)
  3. Tap on color desired profile icon on bottom toolbar (could one of SharpScan BW color profile, SharpScan Grey color profile ,SharpScan Color color profile,SharpScan Original color profile ). Choose strong Shadow option for documents with strong shadows on it.
  4. Tap on Back button on top menu or on your device.
    For more information on color profiles please read “What color processing profile should I use” article (see below).
  5. Used color profile will be set as new default and will be used on next scan (until you change it again).

In batch mode.

Please read about in “How to change several documents/pages at once” article (see below).

This is highly depending on your future documents usage. Anyway, feel free to experiments since you can always revert document to original state. Below our general recommendations about processing profiles usage.

  • B&W (Black and White). SharpScan BW color profile
    Use it when you care about document size and text only. It produces clear tiny black and white documents with favour to the text area and disregard images and photos. Could be useful when you need to send rather big documents over low quality connection (like cellular network). Also take into account that image will have lossless compression.
  • Gray. SharpScan Grey color profile
    Near the same as B&W but optimized for human eye readability. Using lossy Jpeg compression (level could be set in settings).
  • Color. SharpScan Color color profile
    Use Color processing profile when you care about document color information. Better fits for documents with color charts, photos, magazines etc. Using lossy Jpeg compression (level could be set in settings).
  • Original. SharpScan Original color profile
    Use it only if anything else fits your needs. Doesn’t process documents at all (only crop). Using lossy Jpeg compression (level could be set in settings)

In SharpScan you can easily copy or move any page(pages) to any existing document. The method described below works not only with pages of single document but with whole documents (selected on Documents screen). The difference is that in case of coping (moving) applied to the document all pages of selected documents will be copied (moved).

  1. Open document which contains pages you want to copy (or move). To select pages, you want to copy tap on first page and hold about 2 sec (long tap). You’ll be switched to select mode.
    You can also enter it by tapping action menu (SharpScan action menu) and choosing Select pages option.
  2. Tap on the page(s) you want to copy to select them.
    You can use Select all (SharpScan select all) to select all pages in document.
  3. Tap on action menu and select Copy&Move (SharpScan copy and move) option.
  4. On Copy or Move dialogue select the action you want to apply to previously selected pages — copy or move them by tapping on switch below the headline.
  5. Select document from list or tap on New Document to create new document from selected pages. Selected pages will be copied and appended to the selected document.

Smart Crop is our proprietary artificial intelligence technology allowing to automatically detect document boundaries and cut it out from background with high precision.
This mean that in most cases you don’t need to manually adjust document boundaries – this will be done in full auto. In case when SmarpCrop will not detect document properly it will offer to manually correct document boundaries.

If shooting conditions was not good, or in some cases when document or background have complicated content, “Smart Crop” function could offer to manually correct document boundaries.
Follow our “recommendations for perfect scanning” (see above) to make sure that you’ll get best possible results in full auto mode.

We recommend always use this option especially in low-lit conditions. There are very few shooting problems we can’t (currently) correct. And one of them is defocusing. Usually it happens due to camera tremor during shooting and especially critical in low-lit conditions.
To mitigate this, we implement stabilization feature to our camera. It works very simple – camera waits until trembling will be reduced to appropriate level and only after that makes a shot.
When tremor detected stabilization icon (SharpScan camera stabilization) will change to tremor icon (SharpScan camera stabilization - tremor detected) until shaking stops.
To reduce camera tremor, try to hold hand still as much as possible or use any kind of support (stand or tripod).

Use this option with any processing preset (except Original) if original image contain strong shadows. In most cases it could help reveal a lot of additional information.
Shadows processing will work more effectively, if processed document was cropped accurately without any additional dark fragments from background.

New compression setting will be applied during document reprocessing (modification). To recompress document (not altering cropping and profile settings) do the following.

  1. Open desired page.
  2. Tap on action menu (SharpScan action menu) and select Change color option (SharpScan action menu).
  3. Tap on any other color profile (e.g. Original) than tap on desired profile.
  4. Tap on done Back button (or on device). New compression level will be applied, document size will change.

Do not be afraid to change compression level over and over again. Each time document will be compressed from original so there will be no compression errors accumulation.
To recompress several pages or documents use batch processing — read about this in “How to change several documents/pages at once” article (see above).

When you have a lot of multi-page documents scanned sometimes you need to process them in batch.
Currently in batch mode you can:

  • change color profile,
  • rotate document (clockwise, counterclockwise or upside-down),
  • redetect document boundaries. To process documents/pages in batch mode please follow the steps below:
  1. Select documents (or several pages inside document) by long tapping on first one or selecting Select pages (SharpScan Select Pages or Documents) from action menu (SharpScan action menu) and tap on each target page (document).
    Use Select All icon (SharpScan select all) for quick selection of multiple items).
  2. Tap on action menu and select Batch Process icon (SharpScan batch process)
  3. On Bach processor screen select options you want to change — e.g. “Change color profile”, “Rotate”, etc.
  4. Tap on OK. You’ll see the progress on documents (page) icons.

Use Black and White processing profile SharpScan BW color profile.
In most cases Balck-and-White documents are ~20 smaller than Gray or Color.
If document colors are crucial use lowest acceptable Jpeg quality (in Setting menu, Export section).