Perfect companion for busy users, SharpScan automatically produces small clear and legible standard PDF documents from any photos at a very high speed.

Are you on the go and urgently need to send an expenses receipt, business card, presentation slide, or any other document to colleagues?
SharpScan offers a perfect solution to your problem. Check it out!

Smart camera

Enable Camera Stabilization, Live Document locator and Torch to get always perfect scans. Use Touch Focus and Exposure to shoot crystal clear photos.

Smart crop

Fully automatic Document Borders detection, Cropping, and Perspective Correction without manual interaction. Manual adjustments for fine-tuning.

Optical character recognition (OCR)

  • Recognize text on 120+ languages*
  • Works 100% on device. No internet connection required.
  • Multi-language documents recognition.
  • Share resulted documents as "sandwiched" PDF* or TXT files.
  • *(currently in Android version only)

Made with Speed and Quality in mind.

Perfect combination of image processing Speed and Quality - takes less than three seconds from the image shot to a ready-to-use document without any annoying manual adjustments.

Size does matter

True Black & White image processing to produce tiny documents with lossless compression.
Compare to ordinary JPEG: ~20x smaller with no pixel lost for compression. Can scarcely be overestimated in case of a slow or expensive network connection.

Magic color

Content oriented adaptive Color processing profile automatically generates perfect documents.

Safety assurance.

Feel free to experiment with your documents - with Non-Destructive image editing you can always revert to the original image.
E.g. you can share a document as a tiny B&W PDF and then convert it to full color with no pixel loss.

Every pixel counts.

The Highest image enhancement quality - get rid of noise, shadows, distortions, and other shooting artifacts at full resolution.
Special mode for strong shadows processing - every detail will be revealed.

PDF Power

Create industry standard PDF documents.

  • Manage document and pages: Move, Copy, and Merge.
  • Protect documents with passwords. (Apple iOS version)
  • Automatic page size and orientation detection.
  • Custom page sizes including flexible (like long receipts or square notes).
  • "Sandwiched" PDF support. Save documents as layered PDF files with transparent text above image. (currently in Android version only)

No more manual work

Image processing and enhancement in full auto - no tedious manual adjustments necessary.

Working with large volumes.

Harness the speed and convenience of Batch processing to scan and manage multi-page documents on the go.

Sharing with ease

Share documents as PDF, text or image files on the go.