Pixelnetica announced that the company's document imaging software development kit (SDK), a document scanning toolkit for mobile developers, is being used by FinanceApp AG, a provider of mobile insurance solution FinanceFox.

FinanceFox is a personal digital insurance consultant, aiming to make user life a little bit easier by eliminating the hassle and paperwork they previously had with insurance plans.

It offers all the services previously provided by a traditional insurance broker, with the added convenience of having all documents and information available at any time on smartphone. Users can file a claim, report the damage in real-time and get a new plan in a single tap without waiting or filling out paperwork.

With the scan-tool users can also quickly send medical bills directly to health insurance company. FinanceFox advanced algorithms continuously compare users insurance portfolio to the offers currently available on the market, making sure they’re getting the best value for money. And what’s more, FinanceFox is 100% free.

Software vendors such as FinaceFox add a lot of extra value by using Pixelnetica Document Scanning SDK in their solutions. By using our toolkit, companies can keep their development and maintenance costs down while releasing the final product sooner.

Dmitry Harchenko, Pixelnetica CEO

The SDK is a vital tool that sets FinanceFox apart from other insurance-related apps. It gives our customers the advantage of being able to send their medical bills to the insurance company anytime anywhere, conveniently from their smartphone. This saves our customers a lot of time and hassle they would otherwise have with paperwork. It also provides more clarity, as all documents can be gathered digitally within the app, so that all the relevant information is in one place. The SDK automatically detects the borders of the scanned document, making it very user-friendly and 100% reliable

About FinanceApp AG

FinanceFox is a brand belonging to FinanceApp AG and a FINMA registered insurance advisor.

For more information, visit http://www.financefox.ch

About Pixelnetica Document Scanning SDK

Pixelnetica Document Scanning SDK is an intelligent, highly efficient developer’s toolkit offering an ability to add document scanning and image processing into mobile and desktop applications built for a wide range of platforms. Supporting Android, Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS and Mac OS X platforms, Pixelnetica Document Scanning SDK can be used to develop applications that can replace the traditional flatbed scanners for the purpose of digitizing paper documents.

Pixelnetica Document Scanning SDK offers a wide range of functions automating document scanning and processing. Its proprietary SmartCrop function enables one-touch scanning of many types of documents, automatically cropping and adjusting the resulting image to produce a flat, straight document.

Pixelnetica Document Scanning SDK makes use of all available CPU and GPU acceleration options, enabling blazing fast processing while producing the highest quality output. The toolkit supports true black-and-white images, producing files that are up to 20 times smaller compared to letter-sized images scanned into JPEG format.

Images produced by Pixelnetica Document Scanning SDK are OCR ready. The SDK comes with a number of automatic corrections and manually accessible tweaks, allowing to straighten and flatten images scanned in less than ideal conditions.

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Supported Platforms

  • Apple iOS
  • Android
  • Xamarin iOS
  • Xamarin Android

Watch how Document Scanning SDK API works in end-user application — EasyScan.

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How it works in Pixelnetica's application

Most of Document Scanning SDK’s features have been integrated into Pixelnetica SharpScan – mobile document scanner that allows users to scan documents and photos on the go.