Enable Document Scanning in your .NET MAUI apps with ease

Document Scanning SDK (DSSDK) adds an additional value to .NET MAUI applications by enabling high-quality document scanning using smartphone or tablet cameras.

Applications with integrated DSSDK can turn users' smartphones into high-quality paper scanners. Users will be able to create perfect scans on the go.

  • Secure 100% On-Device processing. GDPR and CCPA compliant.
  • Integration ease to reduce development costs.
  • Smart, Fast and Reliable document scanning.
  • Ready-to-use UI components:
    • "Smart Camera" estimates the document scan quality and provides user with live feedback during document shooting to reduce common user scanning errors. Detects and enforce user to avoid obvious camera framing mistakes. Automatic touch-free document scanning.
    • Manual document border and rotation correction.
  • Convenient Royalty Free flat licensing.

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  • Google Android 5.1 (API Level 22) and higher.
  • Apple iOS 10 and above
Development tools
  • Installed the latest Microsoft Visual Studio with .NET MAUI.
  • Android projects: Android SDK.
  • Apple iOS projects: macOS with the latest Xcode.


DSSDK .NET MAUI Documentation.

Demo apps source codes

.NET MAUI demo app source code

Nuget packages

.NET MAUI applications

Demo restrictions

DSSDK .NET MAUI demo application comes with Demo License Key which is similar to commercial except for results watermarking.

It could also be utilized in other applications for development and testing purposes only where it will generate final images (documents) with watermarks.

To test DSSDK without watermarks Free Trial license available on request →.


DSSDK Standard license available for flat annual fee and has no limitation on amount of users, installation, scans , etc. It could be used in any type of applications (public, private, commercial, etc.).

Commercial licensing schemes, pricing plans, discounts and purchase options: Read more →